In addition to serving in parishes, schools, missions, and programs promoting peace & justice, the Augustinians have a volunteer program:

Augustinian Volunteers are Catholic men and women who wish to serve God’s people in partnership with the Augustinian Order and others. The service of the volunteers is with established educational, social, and health programs and varies according to the needs of the sponsoring site and the individual volunteer.

The experience of the Augustinian Volunteers is designed to facilitate a person’s desire to serve others. It is also focused on the volunteer’s personal and spiritual development in the Augustinian tradition. By building and living in community with other volunteers and forming relationships with local Augustinian communities, the volunteers' lives are enriched, even as they enrich the lives of others.

Who is the program for?

All volunteers must be between the ages of 21 and 29 years of age and unmarried. We are looking for men and women with a college degree who are flexible in regards to placement and ministry/job. Volunteers should also be committed to a Christian lifestyle, have the ability to live with others in a community-like setting and possess a desire to serve the poor and needy. We expect our volunteers to be open-minded and possess a sense of humor. For those serious about this commitment, the application process and acceptance are followed by placement and program orientation.


Augustinian Volunteers teaching in Peru

Where do the Augustinian Volunteers serve?

At this time, our domestic placement sites are Chicago, Illinois; Lawrence, Massachusetts; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; San Diego, California; and Ventura, California. We also have one international site located in Chulucanas, Peru. Service opportunities vary in each location. This program establishes a direct link between the service of the Augustinians and the service of those who serve in partnership with them.


How long is the commitment?

Augustinian Volunteers have both international and domestic placements. The domestic placements are a 10-month commitment, beginning in late August with a week-long orientation and ending in late June/early July at the end-of-year retreat. The volunteers begin serving on site in early September and end in the last week of June. The volunteers receive about two weeks off at Christmas, during which time a mid-year retreat is held.

The international placements are an 11-month commitment, beginning in early January and ending with a re-entry retreat in mid-December. The international volunteers are also required to attend orientation with the domestic volunteers in late August. After the August orientation, they have limited responsibilities to the program until they arrive in January to depart to their service sites.