Join the Fun! Experience the Augustinian Youth Encounter & Eastern Europe

The eleventh Augustinian International Youth Encounter at San Paolo, Brazil in July 2013

Deepen your Augustinian spirituality through fun activities with young adults from all parts of the world. Make new international Augustinian friends.  The Augustinians invite you to explore Krakow, Auschwitz, Wielczka Salta Mine, Vienna, Prague, Svata Hora, and Gregor Mendel's Abbey at part of the 12th International Augustinian Youth Encounter from July 12-26, 2016.

The International Augustinian Youth Encounter Committee shares this about this encounter's theme:

This kind of gathering is always a moment of grace, blessings and joy as young people from different parts of the world where Augustinians are actively involved in various apostolates come together to share their faith experiences, their vision of life inspired by the Gospel. The theme of the Encounter is “Restlessness of the Heart among Young People: An Augustinian Response”. Restlessness and the continuous search for meaning is characteristically human but most especially it is typical of young people. Generally youths long for something new and challenging, they search seriously and sometimes aimlessly for a goal in life which could be obfuscated. St. Augustine was inflamed with the desire for accomplishment in life, a good prospect in life. Yet he strayed. He was tireless in his struggles until he came to discover the Eternal Truth who alone satisfies all his longings.

In a more sophisticated world and time like ours, young people are in constant search for the new and for meaning in life to fill in the void within. It is not always clear what best can help them to cope and face the challenges. It is here that Augustine becomes a role model.

As we look forward to coming together, let us commit ourselves to the work of grace that has been freely lavished upon us so that the Encounter will be a source of blessings and hope in our witness to the joy of the gospel.
— Augustinian Youth Encounter 2016 International Committee

These encounters began in 1987, when the Order of Saint Augustine took steps to support multi-nationally the Augustinian ministry to young adults that was flourishing in numerous parts of the world. It was agreed that the various regional and national Augustinian initiatives for adults would be greatly enhanced by having a multi-national or international Augustinian Encounter for Young Adults, which would henceforth be held at regular intervals in a variety of nations.  And so the Augustinian International Encounters for Young Adults began.

For more details about the itinerary, payment options, and accommodations, please click the button below to download the information and registration kit.  Join us in exploring the Restlessness of the Heart Among Young People!


Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy has been working with the Augustinians in fundraising and communications since 2010. He began working with the Augustinian Vocations office in 2015. He also holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management.

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