Why Did We Join? Meet the Augustinian Men of Heart

The men that are preparing to become solemnly professed Augustinians and Augustinian priests are often referred to as Men of Heart.  This is largely because throughout our formation process, we form both the mind and the heart.  We do this not only through studying the works of Augustine, theology, and prayer, but we live together in community throughout the process.  This enriches our perspective as brothers living in community, united in one mind and one heart on the way to God!

In 2018, we have 30 Men of Heart studying to become Augustinians.  We'd like to introduce you to 18 of them below!  Shoot us a message if you have any questions!

Javier A. Aguilar Rivera, O.S.A., 34

Professed Brother from Choluteca, Honduras

"I joined the Augustinians because of their very human charism, which is living in community, brotherhood, and friendship. I couldn't find a real and warm Family-Community with such a wonderful sense of living in friendship anywhere else. The best friends that I have found in my life are Augustinians, and a good part of who I am is because of their love and care. Anytime I have needed their support, they have been there in one mind and one heart."

Favorite Saint:  St. Augustine

Favorite Augustinian Quote:

"You have made us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in You.”


Sarfraz Alam, O.S.A., 34

Professed Brother from San Francisco, CA

"I joined the Augustinians because I wanted to live the Gospel values by following the footsteps of our Holy Father St. Augustine and live in unity and fraternity. It's a life of collection, communion, and connection of people and of God."

Favorite Saint:  St. Augustine

Favorite Augustinian Quote:

"Lord let me know my self so that I may know you."

William Gabriel, 25

Professed Brother from Dover, New Hampshire

"I joined the Augustinians because of the vibrant, Augustinian-led, parish I grew up in and my experience of Augustinian spirituality and community as a student at Villanova. I felt called to their gifts of friendship and service that remained rooted in faith, love, and communion. I was drawn by how the friars extended hospitality to neighbor, lived Augustine’s desire for truth, and served as companions in one mind and heart on the way to God."

Favorite Saint:  St. Augustine, St. Ambrose, St. Monica

Favorite Augustinian Quote:

"Set love as the criterion for all that you say, and whatever you teach, teach in such a way that the person to whom you speak, by hearing may believe, by believing, hope and by hoping, love." (Cited from The Instruction of Beginners 8)


Jeremy Hiers, 36

Novice from Hebron, Kentucky

"I joined the Augustinians first because I admire St. Augustine. Secondly, I admire the ideals, charisms, and love I witnessed during my visits with the Augustinians prior to joining. Third, I was attracted to the mission and ministries of the Order, specifically the teaching and ADROP (Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor) ministries."

Favorite Saint:  St. Augustine, St. Vincent de Paul

Favorite Augustinian Quote:

"Too late came I to love you, O Beauty both so ancient and so new! Too late came I to love you - and behold you were with me all the time."

Sam Joutras, O.S.A., 24

Professed Brother from Joliet, Illinois

"I joined the Augustinians because I had a strong interest in the religious life and priesthood after attending an Augustinian high school (Providence Catholic) and parish (St. Jude). This experience introduced me to several wonderful Augustinian friars and showed me that there is a great joy in this way of life. The story of St. Augustine—his waywardness, searching, conversion, and ministry in the Church—is an inspiration for me and is a powerful witness to God’s constant reaching out to us and our thirst for God."

Favorite Saint:  Our Lady of Sorrows, St. Joseph, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Augustine, St. Rita of Cascia, St. Padre Pio

Bryan Kerns, O.S.A., 27

Recently Ordained Priest from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I joined the Augustinians because of the relationships and spirit that I observed at the institutions at which I was educated, Bonner HS and Villanova University. The friars in both places modeled commitment to God, to each other, to the Church, and to all those whom they served. The yoke is easy and the burden is light—they carried themselves with integrity, humor, charity, and, above all, friendship. These communities were and are places where Christ was and is at the center."

Favorite Saint:  St. Augustine

Favorite Augustinian Quote:

"Let us seek with the desire to find, and find with the desire to seek still more."

Mauricio Morales, 27

Professed Brother from Granada, Nicaragua

"I wanted to become a visible face of God's love for His people, and I felt that God was leading me here to love and to learn from men with the same desire and call."

Favorite Saint:  Saint Augustine of Hippo

Favorite Augustinian Quote:

"God loves each of us as if there were only one of us."

Nicholas Mullarkey, O.S.A., 31

Professed Brother from West Des Moines, Iowa

"I joined the Augustinians because I felt called to share communal prayer and life. Besides being drawn to the example of Augustine himself, I was also drawn to the long heritage of the Augustinians and the many ways that they serve."

Favorite Saint:  St. Therese of Lisieux

Favorite Augustinian Quote:

"Late have I loved Thee, O Beauty so ancient and so new; late have I loved Thee!" (Confessions 10,27)

Joe Roccasalva, O.S.A., 26

Professed Brother from Chicago, Illinois

"I joined the Augustinians because I had a strong desire to the priesthood and religious life. I searched through many different orders, but felt 'at home' whenever I was with the Augustinians. I came to know the Augustinians through both Fr. Tom McCarthy and Fr. Bernie Scianna who have helped out at my childhood parish for years."

Favorite Saint:  St. Augustine, St. John the Baptist, St. Rita of Cascia, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Thomas of Villanova, St. Joseph, St. Nicholas of Tolentino, St. Cajetan, St. Monica, St. Clare of Montefalco, St. Paul, St. Peter, St. John the Apostle, Our Mother of Good Counsel, Our Lady of Knock, St. Dominic, St. Cecilia

Jack Tierney, O.S.A., 27

Professed Brother from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

"I joined the Augustinians because of who they are and what they witness. 'United harmoniously in brotherhood and spiritual friendship, we seek and worship God and work for the service of God's people' (Constitutions no.13). Augustinians are men of heart, united in fraternity. Finding God in our inmost selves, we witness as a community the active search for God's word."

Favorite Saint:  St. James

Favorite Augustinian Quote:

"Your soul does not belong to you alone, but to all the brothers whose souls also belong to you; or rather, their souls and yours are not many souls, but a single soul, the one soul of Christ." -Letter 243

Maxime Villenueve, O.S.A., 30

Solemnly Professed Brother from San Diego, California

"I sought a community where I felt like I could truly be myself and live in community. When I first met the friars, I was so impressed at how different they were from one another but yet even more importantly how they all loved and cared for one another. That is what Augustinian life is all about for me. One mind, one heart, (and one stomach!) on the journey towards God."

Favorite Saint:  Without saying Augustine, I'll say Monica, St. Lawrence, and Our Mother of Consolation

Favorite Augustinian Quote:

"And men go abroad to admire the heights of mountains, the mighty waves of the sea, the broad tides of rivers, the compass of the ocean, and the circuits of the stars, yet pass over the mystery of themselves without a thought."


Patrick Murphy

Province of Our Mother of Good Counsel, 5401 S Cornell Ave, Chicago, IL, 60615, United States

Patrick Murphy has been working with the Augustinians in fundraising and communications since 2010. He began working with the Augustinian Vocations office in 2015. He also holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management.

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