NEW VIDEO: First Profession of Vows to the Order

“In my interactions with the friars and community life, I felt right at home.” Br. Spencer

“Wherever God wants me to serve, I would be ready to go".” Br. Emmanuel

The Augustinians of North America received three more brothers into the Order this August. Fr. Ray Flores, O.S.A.; Br. Emmanuel Issac, O.S.A.; and Br. Spencer Thomas, O.S.A., made their first, "temporary," profession of vows to the Augustinians in a Saturday Mass on August 4, 2018 at St. Jude Parish, New Lenox, IL.

In this video you will hear the testimonies of Br. Emmanuel and Br. Spencer and witness how their passion for serving God’s people brought them together from two very different backgrounds.

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