Joe Siegal

Age: 42
Stage in Formation: Novice
Hometown: Urbana, Illinois
College: Purdue and Eastern Illinois Universities

What drew you to the Augustinians? The Augustinian balance of contemplation and ministry as lived out in community.

 Favorite saint: My favorite saint tends to change as the Spirit leads me in different directions.  I do have a constant devotion to both Sts. Ambrose and Rita, but my saint du jour is Edith Stein whose quest to realize how the Divine inserts itself into the secular is compelling.  This idea is summarized somewhat when she writes, “it has always been far from me to think that God’s mercy allows itself to be circumscribed by the visible church’s boundaries. God is truth. All who seek truth seek God, whether this is clear to them or not.”

Favorite Aspect of Augustinian Life? Morning Prayer. Coming together at the start of everyday with one prayerful voice, interconnected with the men one lives with in a closeness upheld by Christ, is a beautiful and firm foundation on which to build a day’s labors.

Favorite Book: In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen

Favorite Pastime: Comic books. Favorite Pastime radically affected by the common life? Comic books.

Favorite St. Augustine Quote:

…through the things you admire, you should come to love Him whom you do not see.”
— St. Augustine [Expositions on the Psalms 80,14]

Maxime Villeneuve

Age: 26
Stage in Formation: Novice
Hometown: Los Angeles
College: San Diego State University (Religious Studies)

What drew you to the Augustinians? The biggest thing that drew me to the Augustinians was the joy I saw in the faces of the friars in my visits, and the family atmosphere in which the friars lived.

Favorite Saint: St. Therese of Lisieux

Favorite Part of Being an Augustinian? The camaraderie and fraternity with my brothers is my favorite part of being an Augustinian. Everything else flows from that.

Favorite Book: “The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Favorite Pastime: Yelling at the TV while watching sports, sampling new beers, and reading.

Favorite Augustinian Quote:

Resentment is like taking poison and hoping the other person dies.
— St. Augustine

Philip Young


Age: 33
Stage in Formation: Novice
Hometown: Cerritos, CA
College: UC Irvine

What drew you to the Augustinians? Community Life, harmony of Community, historic tradition, confessions

Favorite Saint: St. Augustine- his search for truth

Favorite Part of being an Augustinian? Community life and harmony / Contemplative Tradition

Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby

Favorite Pastime: Aikido, swimming, having coffee with friends, going to movies

Favorite Augustinian Quote:

Do what you want, but you have to love…
— St. Augustine